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Our Assessment Method

Formative assessment is the ongoing assessment carried out by teachers both formally and informally during a unit of work. The results of formative assessments have a direct impact on the teaching materials and strategies employed immediately following the assessment. These assessments include spelling and mental maths tests and informal learning reviews.

Assessments will be based primarily on observation of daily activities and events. The teacher shall record evidence and documentation of each child’s assessments. All assessment will be accessible to any interested party. Observational assessment is the most effective way of making judgments about all children’s learning and development. Depending on their special educational need, children will demonstrate their learning and development in different ways.

Assessment Guide Example

Listening And Attention Section

  • Joins in with repeats key even’s and phrases in rhymes and stories.
  • Listen attentively in a range of situations.
  • Give their attention to what others say and respond appropriately.
  • Listens to stories with increasing attention and recall.
  • Two-channeled attention can listen and do for short spans.
  • Can interact with others in a variety of contexts, negotiating activities and taking turns in conversation.