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Little Panda's Kindergarten

We inspire happy, healthy, confident minds

We believe that a school should foster courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolve so that children emerge empowered with the skills and abilities to be the leaders and guardians of tomorrow’s world.

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Little Panda's Kindergarten

Highest quality of education for all children

The core purpose of the kindergarten will be providing high-quality education to the kindergarten children based on the National Curriculum in England.

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Little Panda's Kindergarten

Creativity is the eager quest for new ideas

Our qualified team of teachers’ will ensure that the learning environment is inclusive and that it is one in which children feel comfortable and safe, yet stimulated to learn and explore.

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Little Panda's Kindergarten

Carefully organized classroom and outdoor environment

Well-maintained and carefully stored resources to encourage children to make choices, to use materials in a flexible and imaginative way, and to clear them away when they have completed their task.

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Develop Enquiring Minds

To develop enquiring minds, self-confidence and a range of skills to enable students to become independent learners.

Qualified Staffing

Appoint the best leaders, teachers and support staff who receive on-going professional development training.

Balanced Educational Experience

To provide a broad and balanced educational experience that will ensure the development of the whole child.

Highest Ambitions to Excel

To encourage an ambition to excel – in all areas of school life.

Challenges of Tomorrow

To promote acceptance of all, thereby preparing students for their future as global citizens.

Nurturing Environment

To create a nurturing environment so that each child feels safe to face new challenges.



Our core Curriculum follows the Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance framework (EYFS). The Curriculum will take an active approach to learning; focusing on enhancing children’s knowledge in these following areas:

• Communication and language
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Expressive arts and design
• Personal, social and emotional development
• Physical development
• Understanding the world


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