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Message from the founder

Sheikha Anwar bint Nawaf Al Thani

Little Panda’s Kindergarten is founded by Sheikha Anwar bint Nawaf Al Thani who has received a Bachelors in Science Degree from the University of Minnesota. Sheikha Anwar bint Nawaf’s interests lie in the integration of excellence in the pursuit of knowledge. Having undergone a rigorous internship at NBK Holdings, Sheikha Anwar bint Nawaf keenly admits that there is always more to know and more to discover and there is no better foundation for knowledge sharing than the very first lessons that students experience as early as kindergarten level.

Sheikha Anwar bint Nawaf hopes to follow in the footsteps of Doctor Sheikha Aisha bint Faleh in making Little Panda’s Kindergarten an environment that will encourage all its students to embark on the pursuit in excellence in learning and progressive thinking.

Sheikha Aisha bint Faleh Al Thani

Doctor Sheikha Aisha bint Faleh Al Thani is the Chairperson and Founder of Al Faleh Group; an entity that is dedicated in pursuing excellence by offering unparalleled learning experiences across a broad spectrum of academic environments within Qatar. The Al Faleh Group currently provides world-class learning opportunities through 3 different prestigious schools, including Doha Academy, all of which carry the hallmark of excellence which is synonymous with the group.

Over the past year, Sheikha Anwar bint Nawaf has worked alongside Doctor Sheikha Aisha bint Faleh with the hopes of extending the tradition of excellence in all interdisciplinary approaches that Little Panda’s Kindergarten is set to undertake.