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Curriculum Provisions


Ages (3-4)


Ages (4-5)

The academic year shall be divided into three terms; Term 1, 2 and 3. The curriculum will also be divided into three major sections Curriculum T1 for term 1, Curriculum T2 for term 2 and Curriculum T3 for term 3. The Curriculum is divided into three sections to best help each child by providing a broad and balanced educational experience that will ensure the development of the whole child. This division helps teachers focus on developing enquiring minds, self-confidence and a range of skills to enable students to become independent learners.

  Academic year


  Term 1

Curriculum T1

  Term 2

Curriculum T2

  Term 3

Curriculum T3


  • Carefully organized classroom and outdoor environment.
  • Clear explanation of tasks to children by the staff.
  • Well-maintained and carefully stored resources to encourage children to make choices, to use materials in a flexible and imaginative way, and to clear them away when they have completed their task.
  • Effective systems for planning, assessing and recording children’s progress.
  • A clear statement of aims which are shared by all those involved in the children’s education.
  • Attention to individual children’s learning needs.
  • Regular monitoring and evaluating of the curriculum provision being offered to children.

Classroom Capacity Policy

Our classrooms require two teachers in each classroom with a teacher-to- student ratio of 1 to 10. Each classroom will have two teachers meaning there will be a maximum of 20 students per-classroom and no more.

The classroom capacity policy ensure each child has the appropriate attention required in terms of growth, safety and provides a nurturing environment so that each child feels safe to face new challenges.